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Many systems are getting old and losing its cooling capacity. This is a natural process, because some components are still run properly but some components are no longer working at their peak performance. Therefore, those system or units have to replace right away or will cause more damage to other parts of the system.

Base on our experiences, we find some causes that make a system or unit lose their cooling capacity. Some indication is causing lack heat absorbed on Evaporator, less heat rejection on Condenser, or compressor have lost their compression ability.

To restore the cooling capacity back to its normal state, we will replace the old unit with the new one.

The system components may not run well that will arise misleading as a resultĀ  of misreading on the monitor display. Such control need maintenance handling or replacement if necessary. Thew whole system is became less perform when some part of them is weak.

We will commit to support many Industries in reduce down time when some equipment need repair and will be our concern.


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